Where To Find Us

You can find our broths at the following locations in Toronto:

1. Golden Gecko Coffee -  282 Jane St, Toronto  

A boutique coffee shop in the Toronto Bloor West Village area.  Their coffee is brewed from locally roasted beans,  and  you can enjoy delicious food with gluten free, vegan and Paleo options!  You will be able to purchase our frozen broth here too!


2. Eataly Toronto - 55 Bloor Street West - Manulife Centre

Eataly stands for “Eating Italian” which encompasses the history and the food culture of Italy, the ease to prepare its dishes, and the many qualities that Italy has to offer. You can find Funny Bone Broth in the butcher refrigerated section!


3. Ambrosia Natural Foods - 1725 Avenue Rd, Toronto      

At Ambrosia, you are able to shop for your entire household from organic and natural foods to household products to supplements and so much more!  You can find Funny Bone Broth in the freezer section!


4. McEwan - TD Centre - The Path

Take a detour from the ordinary. Enter McEwan, where you will discover tantalizing flavours chopped, stirred and blended into a culinary shopping adventure that brings the world’s absolute finest to your table.  You can find our broth in the freezer section!


5. Fiesta Farms - 200 Christie St, Toronto, ON

Fiesta Farms is the largest independently owned grocery store in Toronto!  It is a family-run business which carries some pretty amazing products!  You can find our broth in the freezer section!


5. Nature's Emporium - 16655 Yonge St. - Newmarket, ON

Nature's Emporium is committed to sustainable, healthy living with natural, local organic food, vitamins and supplements.  You can find our broths in butcher freezer section!